05 Aug

Whoa! Here are 50,000 rubber ducks cascading into the Chicago River

If you haven’t seen it yet, 50,000 rubber ducks were just poured into the Chicago river. Every year, Special Olympics Illinois hosts the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby, a delightful race that begins with over 50,000 rubber ducks being poured from a truck into the river. Read more on Mashable

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26 Jul

Want to Screen Telemarketers? Google Has Your Answer

When a telemarketer or similarly annoying entity calls you, the phone app will display a red bar and a text warning to indicate that you shouldn’t bother picking up. You’ll also be able to permanently block and report the caller. Read more about it on The Huffington Post.

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Police officers in Cleveland, Ohio demonstrate some of their security assets, including remote-controlled robots, horse-mounted officers, bomb-sniffing dogs on July 14 2016 ahead of the Republican National Convention. 
The city, in conjunction with federal agencies, is boosting security for the high-profile event.  / AFP / Michael Mathes        (Photo credit should read MICHAEL MATHES/AFP/Getty Images)
25 Jul

11 Top Police Robots Patrolling the World

Robocop becomes a closer reality with these 11 robots that are helping police forces around the world. From 6 wheeled rovers to pepper spraying drones, here’s your list of the police bots from

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14 Jul

Downloaded Pokemon Go? You Need to Fix This Security Issue Now

People around the world are loving Pokemon Go. One thing people are not loving is the full access to all of your information it grants itself upon install. Here’s a quick guide to securing your phone again,

A – Update your Pokemon Go app on iPhone to the latest version. Then sign out the game and sign back in with your Google account. That should downgrade account access to just “basic” and not “full.”

B – Personally, I would do this second method as it ensures that the permissions are properly fixed.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in.
  3. Under “Sign-in & Security” click “Connected apps & sites”
  4. Under “Apps connected to your account” click MANAGE APPS.
  5. Look for “Pokemon Go Release” and click to expand.
  6. If it says “Full Account Access” click the REMOVE button nearby.

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11 Jul

Researcher spots ATM skimmer while on vacation in Vienna

We have heard a lot about ATM skimmers, but it’s nearly impossible to spot one.
Some skimmers are designed to look exactly like the card slot on the original machine and attached to the front, and others are completely hidden inside the ATM. This one researcher spotted on in Vienna read more

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27 Jun

US Customs wants to collect social media accounts at border

Your social media accounts may soon be part of the US visa process. US Customs and Border Protection entered a new proposal suggesting a new field in which persons entering the country can declare their various social media accounts and screen names. Read more on The Verge

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17 Jun

Glass bridge gets sledgehammered… What could go wrong?

How do you prove a glass bridge is safe? Take a sledgehammer to it! That is what a reporter did to verify just how strong glass plates building the bridge are. Read more on Mashable.

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09 Jun

Experts Warn Online Voting Not Secure

When it comes to voting, the logical next step in this global technological evolution would be to avoid those long lines and vote online from home or the office. However, security experts warn that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Read more

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07 Jun

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got Hacked!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account remained safe although that cannot be said for his Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts according to Engadget. It’s possible Mr. Zuckerberg was using the same password for all his accounts allowing multiple access across the board once one username/password combo was cracked. Read more

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18 Nov

Military Issued Tactical Flashlight Now Available to U.S. Citizens

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